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Adler Videos


Guatemala 2008 Project: How to Build a House in Seven Days

(Courtesy of Adler Alumni)

In September 2008, Adler sent a team of 14 employees to Chiquimulilla, Guatemala for a building project. We donated the money for materials as well as labour for the construction of a home. This home was for a family in need of a place to live. We believe we have had an impact on the community in Guatemala as well as on our employees that went.

Guatemala 2013 Project

Adler’s first Guatemala trip was to assist in building a perimeter wall for an orphanage. This project was done through Fe Viva ( The relationships built with the children and being able to reach out to the orphans had a significant impact on Adler employees. The Adler team was so grateful to be such positive role models for all the kids affected.

Firestop Fundamentals (courtesy of STI)

Learn how firestop plays an integral role in compartmentalization by helping insure barrier integrity in this 8 minute video on the fundamentals of firestopping.

UL Firestop Video (courtesy of STI)

Reasons why careful attention must be paid to passive fire containment. This focuses on containment through the installation of tested and certified wall, ceiling, and floor penetrations.

Health Care Firestop Barrier Management

Keeping healthcare facilities compliant with The Joint Commission’s (TJC) Standards for the Environment of Care (EOC) is a continuous challenge. Barrier maintenance programs allow facility managers to control their barriers in a proactive and timely manner. These programs simplify the entire process, build in accountability for inside and outside contractors, and once employed will save the facility thousands of dollars annually. This video provides a brief overview of BMP.

Intro to Fire Protection

A fireproofing video on intumescent coatings.