Adler has built a strong Health and Safety program.  In creating a dedicated Health and Safety culture within our companies, Adler Insulation 2005 Ltd. & Adler Firestopping Ltd. hopes to influence others around us on the job site by putting safety at the forefront while working. Adler continues to strive for a stronger Health and Safety culture within the construction community, bringing awareness and understanding of safety issues in the workplace.

Adler truly values safety and invests heavily into creating a safe work environment on all project sites we are on. Adler’s safety officers are qualified at the minimum of the National Construction Safety Officer designation up to P. GSC (Gold Seal Certification).

Adler Insulation 2005 Ltd. & Adler Firestopping Ltd. are proud members of CanQual Network, ComplyWorks, ISNetworld and PICS.

“When employees and customers know that safety underlies everything you do, it adds to your reputation and makes it easier to attract new staff members and clients” – Gary W, ACSA

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