Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping


What is firestopping?

Firestopping: (verb) the process of restoring an Hourly Fire Resistance Rating back to a fire barrier that lost its rating from an opening created in it. Firestopping is a form of compartmentalization and/or passive fire protection.

In the realm of fire protection and safety, active (i.e. sprinklers, detectors, alarms, and etc.) and passive fire protection (i.e. firestopping & fireproofing) do not exist in separate worlds. They work in unison to help control the spread of fires, maintain the integrity of the building, and most importantly protect the building’s occupants.

As with all systems, to assure reliability, both active and passive fire protection systems require periodic maintenance. Unfortunately, this is where the chasm exists between the two forms of fire protection. In most instances, active fire protection systems are properly maintained and passive systems are neglected. In many cases, once the passive fire protection systems are out of sight they are often out of mind.

Adler Firestopping Ltd. is part of the ULC Firestop Contractor Program and utilizes the best practices in the industry. Adler is held to the utmost highest standard with our annual ULC Audit.

Adler Firestopping ltd. is proud to be qualified under the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) Firestop Contractor Program (QFCP). Adler is one of the first to market in Western Canada to have enrolled in this program. Moreover, this quantifies Adler as a Qualified Firestop Contractor through independent, third party assessment and believe that it is a means for our customers, Authorities Having Jurrisdiction (AHJ) and architects to identify qualified contractors in the firestop industry.  Adler Firestopping’s comprehensive management system is audited annually by the ULC and provides the foundation for every project specific QAQC program.

Firestop Facts:

  • Knowing when to schedule firestop scope is the largest area of concern (pre-planning and collaboration is key)
  • Traditionally multiple trades have installed firestop systems.
  • US Industry estimates 56% – 58% of most firestop systems are non-compliant. Although studies have not been done in Canada, experts say that these numbers are similar to what Canadian statistics would be.
  • Most firestop scopes in Western Canada are performed by NON-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractors.
  • Smoke spreads rapidly through openings in walls and floors.
  • Nearly 70% of all building related deaths are directly associated with smoke inhalation.

Testimonials from some of our delighted clients:

“On the Keynote project Adler helped out a lot with the challenging assemblies”  – Josue @ PCL

“Thank you for the correspondence, as far as I am concerned, you and your team can come work on my projects anytime. The quality of work and cooperation that we had with your team was fantastic” – Roger @ Bird Construction

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.” – Sean @ Clark Builders

“For a sub contractor, Adler professionalizes the small sub-trades to exceed our expectations.” – Keith @ PCL

“Your guys did an excellent job over the last few days. I had visions of my ceiling grid being bent up but they didn’t damage a single tile or cross T. Cheers and I look forward to dealing with Adler in future projects.” – Steve @ Delnor

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