Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing


Within Adler Firestopping Ltd., there is a Fireproofing division which provides passive fire protection. The purpose of fireproofing is to achieve a fire resistance rating for structural steel which supports floor assemblies. In a fire, as the temperature of the structural steel rises, the steel loses its strength. Adler’s fireproofing division uses intumescent and/or cementitious fireproof coatings to protect the structural steel. This fireproof coating insulates the steel, making it more resistant to rising temperatures from the fire. This helps to keep the structure’s integrity from becoming compromised by the heat for a longer period of time thus allowing people to evacuate affected structures.

Adler’s fireproofing team have some of the most experienced fireproofing sprayers in Alberta and we also have high output equipment that enables us to achieve greater efficiency to accommodate your schedule. Adler’s strong relationships with our suppliers help us to attain industrial work because Adler is approved applicators of products such as industrial epoxy intumescent coating and high and ultra-high density cementitious coating.

With these important supplier relationships, and our experience, Adler Firestopping Ltd. is able to work with you to provide cementitious and/or intumescent coating solutions for your project’s structural fire protection requirements.

Product Information

Commercial Cementitious

  • Grace MK-10/HB; MK-6/HY; Z-106; Z-3306 Thermal Barrier

Commercial Intumescent

  • 3M WB-1000

Industrial Cementitious

  • Grace Z-146; Z-156

Industrial Intumescent Epoxy Coatings

  • Firetex; Interchar; Chartek

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